Dystopia Rising: Pennsylvania

Post Apocalypse in the Pennsyltucky Wasteland

DR: Pennsylvania is the PA branch of the internationally acclaimed and award winning Dystopia Rising. Dystopia Rising is a Post-Zombie-Apocalypse themed Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) set generations after the fall of modern civilization. If you like the great outdoors, mock combat, nerf guns, and zombies, you've come to right place to get your fix surviving against the odds while monsters, murderers, and psychos try to stop you.

Thank you for dropping by and please, pardon our dust! We're just getting things into the final phases of prep for launch, so you may still find a few pages empty or in development. We'll be up to full steam soon!

Dystopia Rising Pennsyltucky is the Pennsylvania chapter of the internationally networked Dystopia Rising Live Action Role Playing Game.
The game is held once a month in central Pennsylvania at a campground which we transform into a post apocalyptic trading post and settlement called Boulder Run.

The town of Boulder Run is filled with settlers of every stripe. From cut throat outlaws and bar room brawlers to hard working miners and brave entrepreneurs. Each survives the threats of the wasteland, both alive and undead, by whatever means necessary.

Use the menu above to find resources on how to get involved in the ongoing storyline and attend one of our events.

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